Shelly Beach Sunrise

Shelly Beach Sunrise

Shelly Beach Sunrise

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It had been a while since hitting up the beach for a sunrise shoot. So I made my way to Shelly Beach in Ballina. It was an eventful morning as well – while making my way down to the beach in the dark (before the sun began shining its light on various trip & fall hazards), I managed to slice my foot on hidden jagged rocks, thank you clumsiness! This injury was then greeted by the stinging salt and sand entering the wound. But enough about bad things of the morning, the good are shown below…

Seemingly Still

Foamed Shelly Beach

Rocky Sunrise

Back White - Beach Rocks

What do you think -was it worth the slipping and dripping, or should I just stay in bed next time?

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  • Ethel Eggins March 25, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Take care and dont get that camera wet, nice photos Tony.

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