Coffs Harbour, No Banana

Coffs Harbour, No Banana

Coffs Harbour, No Banana

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I came across these few snaps I took when I was in Coffs Harbour for a meeting the other month which I had forgotten about.¬†There’s no point in them sitting my library to be forgotten about again… so here’s a post to share them with you.

Sorry if you feel disappointed there are no photos of the Big Banana, I figured there are enough photos of that banana in circulation. Wouldn’t you much prefer to see this photo of a local fisherman’s dog, patiently waiting back at the car for his owner to return from the docks…?


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  • Matt Warrell August 24, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    I like the colour one with the shortest DOF on the bridge. Great shots dude, glad you dug them out!

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